stanchion, pillars or columns - and foot bridges

Hello lads, What is the correct (or most common) term for the posts that hold up a station canopy ?? I'm looking for white metal 'posts', typically from the ER. Looked at the usual places (hattons, mainly trains, langley's, springside, just trains etc) found some listings but no pix. I thought I'd get more hits, hence the query.

Am I looking in the wrong place, using the wrong search keywords or what ??

BTW..I came across the Hornby R076 footbridge, from the pix I have seen, this bridge could pass as one typically seen in the ER. Perhaps ?? No way ??

Appreciate your comments. Mal Oz

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Have you tried "stanchion"?

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Bruce Fletcher


I've just double-checked on my book on LMS architecture and the term used is 'column'.


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Jim Guthrie

Thanks Bruce and Jim. After a bit more plodding around, it seems that various vendors interchange between columns and pillars. Found a few more hits in mainly trains, but it would be nice to see what shape they are, cant make it out from the text. I might have to buy a couple of samples to see if any will suit.

Cheers chaps Mal Oz

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