Supplier recomendation please ...

I need (and local suppliers can't help) ...
X-Acto blades - 2x curved and 1x chisel profiles (large knife)
- 1x 1" Razor saw blade
Plastic sheet (the stuff that's nearly A4 sized instead the more expensive
Wills sheets)
2x wriggly tin (Corrugated iron) profile
2x roofing slates
2x Clapperboard (wooden walls)
2x Brick (bond profile not important)
2x "Stone" of the sort building walls are made out of, the stones being
about the size of a doubled brick, laid in rows but a little irregular.
Anyone think of a supplier who can provide all of the above at one hit (to
justify card use)?
Usual rules apply, if by chance there's an established supplier reading this
who can supply *all* of the above then a quick email to the address below
will result in an order tonight (if via website) or a telephone call during
office hours tomorrow morning.
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Chris Wilson
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Mainly Trains spring to mind but if you have a look on this web site you may find more
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Ian Gearing
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i can also recommend mainly trains .......
Herman613B wrote:
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Cheers to both, mainly trains it is.
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Chris Wilson

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