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Hi Everyone,
I'm planning on starting my first 'real' 00 layout in the near future
(I had 'train sets' when I was younger but this will be my first
attempt at a real layout).
I intend to use mainly flexible track (Hornby or Peco - undecided
yet). Is there a device to make accurate cutting of track easier? I
imagine something like a clamp with grooves cut for the rails, and a
slot to saw across? Or is it better to use something like a strong
straight-edge wire cutter and careful marking up?
Also, can anyone recommend 'essential reading', either books or
websites, for a beginner to modern railway modelling? I already plan
to join/visit local clubs and exhibitions.
Many thanks,
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There is a Xuron track cutter but I prefer a slitting disk in a flexible drive from a mini drill.
Regular mini drills like Dremels etc are too wide so the cut is at an angle. A flexible drive extension is narrow enough to keep the disk vertical when you cut the track.
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Christopher A. Lee
"Just zis Guy, you know?" wrote in news:
+2 :-)
Xuron's to cut to approximate length if appropriate but slitting disk on a flexible shaft beats everything else hands down.
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Chris Wilson
Be warned Peco is not so easy to curve - tis not as flexible - if you like, buy one of each to practice. Peco do make the best points though.
David Jenkinson - Historical Railway Modelling. Its a wonderful read and has excellent advice on how to approach modelling so as to get the most enjoyment from it. Buy it as early as possible so that youre less likely to make expensive mistakes from going off in the wrong direction.
Cheers, Simon
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I consider myself to be fairly handy with tools, but I never could cut rail insitu with a razor saw. Since I bought a Dremel I've never taken a razor saw near rails again!
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Greg Procter
On Fri, 20 Jun 2008 09:19:29 +1200, Greg Procter said in :
Don't forget the safety goggles, though. I was bloody lucky I was wearing polycarbonate lenses when my diamond saw went West. The eyeball is still scarred, apparently.
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Just zis Guy, you know?
I'd say try a pair of Xuron cutters first. You'll get them in just about any decent model shop and they are not expensive. They produce a surprisingly clean cut, which doesn't usually require any tidying up.
Important.... cut the rail TOP-TO-BOTTOM, not side-to side.
Have fun!
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