What is this called ?

I have a hornby 00 accessory which is numbered R082. It allows goods wagons to drop a load down through the rails into another truck or receptacle on a line running beneath the one with the load on.

Can anyone tell me what this items is officially called please.

Andy Howes Leicester UK

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Andrew Howes
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It sounds like something I had as a kid, only mine was Triang (c.1960 pre the Hornby takeover). I believe it was called a coal/ore hopper loader or similar. It worked in conjunction with hopper wagons which had 2 levers which engaged protrusions on the unloader - one lever released the chute on the wagon and the second closed it again as the train moved on. The set came with a choice of plastic 'coal' or 'ore' (same as coal, but red) in a rectangular sort of crate.

My mum used to hate it as we were always treading lumps of 'coal' into the carpet :-)

-- Phil ,,,^.".^,,,

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IIRC t'was Triang (Rovex/Lines Bros) that took over Hornby but subsequently retained the Hornby name and merged their own offering into that range.

I believe it was called a coal/ore hopper

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Keep seeing a few of these on Ebay

Quite an old gimmick toy with working hopper (24Tonners) and full kit comes with elevated sections and discharge chute

-- Regards From Gray The Madcaravanner from Chesterfield

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You d> >> I have a hornby 00 accessory which is numbered R082. It allows goods

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Not quite AIUI / remember it, as you imply Rovex took Hornby over in about

1966, they then used the Triang-Hornby name for the railway model side of the business but most of the old Hornby (Double O) models were never produced / directly / by Triang-Hornby [1] but were produced and marketed by another Rovex/Lines Bros absorbed company 'G.R.Wrenn' although they were listed within the same catalogue as the Triang-Hornby range [2]. [1] the ALI (?) LMR 25Kv IIRC was one exception, the tooling had been started by Hornby so Tri-ang took over when the merger took place and introduced it under the Triang-Hornby name. [2] G.R.Wrenn survived after the demise of Rovex, again becoming a separate company, complete with the rights to the old Hornby 'Double O' range, in the late '80's the G.R.Wrenn company closed down (IIRC retirement) and the stock, tooling and rights were sold to Dapol.
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If the link is the same item you remember........

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This is called an operating ore wagon set.

Typically your wagons will be the 'CONSETT' ones in green or red, the triang grain hoppers in grey or green or an american outline hopper in red/orange?? or grey (not so familiar with those)


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Craig Douglas

Thanks Craig - a few others skirting round the question but yours seems to fit the bill.


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