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Hello group!
I'm currently working as a Welding Engineer in the Aerospace Industry. I am
qualified to H.N.D level. I was considering trying to get European Welding
Engineering status, however I'm unsure if my qualifications would be good
enough. Although I'm only qualified to H.N.D level I have a good knowledge
of exotic materials as I deal with them every day. Is there any Welding
Engineers within the group who can give me any advice?
Cheers Paul.
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Hi Paul, The best advice I would give is to ring The Welding Institute, or log onto their website, they will be able to advise you regards becoming a European Welding Engineer. Harry
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Harry Culshaw
I think you need either an Engineering Degree or be a chartered engineer you then need the diploma in welding engineering. You may get some exceptions if your HND was in welding, you may only have to complete the final modules.
I suggest you send your CV to the welding institute at Cambridge, you will get the address from
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Some of the subjects covered by
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have been derived from this diploma course.
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John Dyson

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