Book list needed

I need some recommended blacksmithing / welding books.
What my current primary interests now are;
identifying steels (sparks, ect)
. . .sure would appreciate some imput on this. . .chas
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"Farm and Workshop Welding" by Andrew Pierce covers various kinds of welding, some blacksmithing and identification of steels. I don't think it covers your other topics. It takes a hands-on approach, rather than a theoretical one.
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Centaur Forge has a good bookstore with all the top titles.
The book that got me started in smithing was Jack Andrews' "The Edge of the Anvil". He revised it 20 years later to "The New Edge of the Anvil". Great book about fundamentals, and the best 14 page description of iron metallurgy ever printed.
-------------------- I am also a big fan of Ted Tucker's "Practical Projects for the Blacksmith". I believe it is out of print, but used copies are available on Amazon and
The title really says it all. About 20 or so really simple elegant projects like wine bottle hangers, door hinges, gate latches, and such. --------------------- Alexander Weygers' books are classic for using recycled materials, but a lot of his info about what you can find at scrap yards is really dated. All 3 have been combined in a new book
Jim Hrisoulas is the guy to read up on for bladesmithing.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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