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I did a search and it looks like this question has been asked before but I could not find an answer so here it is again: Will a Miller foot pedal work on a Thermal Arc 250 GTSW? They both have the same 14 pin connector and someone posted the pinout for the Thermal Arc but it looked exactly like what is in the Miller manual so I want to verify that this is indeed the case. I do not have a manual for the Thermal Arc machine and cannot locate one. I have a Miller foot pedal and do not want to buy another one if I do not have to. I have a Linde foot pedal that I may convert to work with the Thermal Arc machine if I can find a source for the 14 pin connector. Thanks, Don

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The resistor is a different between the Miller and the Thermal. The good news is, at my Airgas they were having trouble with the Thermal foot controls on the 300 TSW. They were being used at this place.

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They took their Dynasty foot controls and use them on the Thermals. It solved the problem of the Thermals when that foot control is used in a production setting. These guys are about the pickest tig welders anywhere. They like the way the work too. If my pedal messes up on my 300 TSW I am going that way too.

d> I did a search and it looks like this question has been asked before

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