Hobart Cyber-Tig 500 DSC info request

I picked up a Hobart CyberTig II 500 DSC a couple weeks ago.

Im told that to use it as a stick welder, the pedal must be hooked up, or a jumper plug must be installed in the pedal or control jack.

Does anyone have a diagram of the pedal hookup, or this "dummy" plug?

It has the 300/500 tig drawer in it.

The machine has a Thermal Dynamics plasma torch (WC-100) attached, but the pedal control only goes to the TD control/gauge box, not to the welder itself. I dont think Ill be using what appears to be a 100 amp plasma torch, and would like to simply remove it, purchase a tig torch and hoses and use it normally. In the mean time, Id like to be able to use it as a stick welder.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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