O/A 'sound advice' needed

The gauges on my regulators arn't too accurate at lower pressures so if
I set them for a size 1 or 2 tip (3.5 psi / 0.24 bar) I don't quite get
enough gas flow so have to increase the pressure at the regulators to
get a decent neutral flame, the problem is I get a low hum from the
mixer or nozzle, is this normal ?
As you can guess I havn't been at this long ! The welds come out just
fine though but I'm a tad nervous about operating like this for any
length of time.
Thanks in advance
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Try to borrow another acetylene regulator, ideally a 2-stage one with a large diaphragm, and see if the problem goes away. My guess is that your regulator's diaphragm is making the noise.
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Grant Erwin
I used a small set of single stage Victor regulators for a long time that made a low hum or buzzing noise when the toch was on. As long as the pressures are stable and you don't smell acetylene I would not worry about it.
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Thanks Grant and Bob,
The humming actually appears to be coming from the mixer rather than the regulators, The regs I'm using are 2 stage and hold the pressure perfectly. The tip does tend to get a tad warm aswell, I'll have another go later on just to make sure where exactly the hum comes from. Thanks again Jim
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