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Can anyone reccomend a book of ornamental iron, fence, gate, door and window patterns or plans? I'm especially interested in pictures that I could show to prospective customers. Thanks to a previous post, I have a copy of King Metals catalog and have gotten a few ideas there.


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Decorative Iron sells several that might fit the bill:

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Keith Marshall

I second the nomination of decorativeiron.com

I stopped by their store in Houston last month, and they have an awesome supply of "stuff" for the ornamental builder. They had some hard to find items I had been searching for, too.

Check their books.

Also .................. what I did was to go around and photograph work. Other people's work. My work. Commercial work. Work in malls, hotels, etc. Anytime you see something nice, take a picture.

Then you can draw your "cartoon" ( a sketch of what the final ornamental iron piece will look like ) and take some from this picture and that picture. Pictures make it a lot easier to arrive at a final design, and to get it right.


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