TIG brazing

Yesterday I tried TIG brazing a brass(?) ball valve housing. I tried it
with both aluminum bronze and Everdur filler. As soon as I got the
brass starting to melt, it would spit and sputter. I got a rather
unsatisfactory joint but ... . Suggestions?
I don't think I was using excessive heat since the problems started just
as the brass was starting to melt.
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Ted Edwards
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Zinc boiling out it sounds to me. I think brazing is the only way. Martin
Ted Edwards wrote:
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Never tried TIG brazing but the brass should never get hot enough to melt. What you are talking about though is typical of what happens when you melt brazz.
Ive brazed using a carbon before, can it be done with a Tig machine.??
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Stick with Silicon bronze filler. It deals with TIG very well.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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