welding aboard ship in Artic sea - cold, sea spray

Hi everyone
Yesterday I was watching cable channel program about crab-fishing off Alaska.
At one point the crew were trying to repair a crane / winch with a
stick /
SMA weld.
Conditions - cold, windy and with driven sea-water spray.
What welding rods and what welding machine would anyone chose in those
Enquiring from the temperate Gulf Stream warmed mid-latitudes of England :-)
Richard Smith
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Richard Smith
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6011 rod, any decent stick welder, a good ground, wearing latex gloves under my welding gloves, wearing Carhartt insulated coveralls.
If the crane was heavily painted, then 6010 to burn through the paint.
Don't need special underwater rod unless you're actually underwater.
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Grant Erwin
I saw that, too. I'd bet five bucks it was 6010. In the offshore industry, there are two rods. 6010 and 7018. I was amazed, but then remember all of the times we used to hang like monkeys to weld something in a tricky location.
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Steve B

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