French Gloss Sea Blue

I am after an approximate match for the Gloss Sea Blue used by the French
after WW2 for their naval aircraft, specifically the Grumman JRF-6A Goose.
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Warren Inman
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IMHO, Polly Scale's version of Nonspecular Sea Blue looks really good; you can make it glossy with a clear gloss overcoat. I haven't tried the brands you mention, so this isn't a rejection of them. Pip Moss I used to feel cheap 'cause I had no signature.
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Pip Moss
I haven't tried the Polly Scale or the Gunze but can tell you that Tamiya does produce a gloss sea blue, unfortunately it is way too green or something. In short it is ugly and bears no resemblance to what you're looking for. Model Master also has this color available in both flat and gloss versions in their enamel line and gloss only in the Acryl range.
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