I'm currently building an RF-4C in USAF SEA camo. This is the first time in
over 25 years that I've built something in that colour scheme. (It's also
the first time that I've been satisfied with the colour of the FS30219
paint - this time I mixed my own!)
Anyway, I had forgotten how smart it looks.
So, here's my question. Did the AV-8A or the F-16 ever wear this colour
scheme? I am aware that a small number of F-16s trialed the Euro 1 scheme,
but I think that the SEA scheme would suit it quite well. I also think an
AV-8A would look very good in the scheme.
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Enzo Matrix
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The AV-8A never used the SEA camo scheme, partially since it was a USMC aircraft and they have their own camo schemes seperate from the USAF. The AV-8A schemes were basically similar to RAF Harrier GR.1 schemes. The earliest schemes for the F-16 were ghost grey schemes. First delivery of F-16s to the USAF was 1979, and the SEA camo was outdated by then. As noted some where trialed in Euro 1, but the early F-16 paint jobs weren't much different than the current ones. No SEA camo for them either.
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Dave Williams
Venezuela uses a scheme very similar to the SEA scheme on their F-16s.
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