Welding Cart Blueprints

If the group is interested I will create a set of prints for anyone who wants to make a welding cart, to save a little time a few scanned images with dimensions from the group would be handy.

Plus I may have time too copy the homemade ones we have at work in a week or so.

The Cad program I have access to can output drawings in pdf format so anyone can download and print off the drawings.

If you don't here from me for a few weeks it means the investors have signed on the dotted line and I'll be organizing the start up of a new fabrication facility; but i will get the drawings out to the group as quickly as possible.


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john noon
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I'm interested. I might need some extra backetry for a 5 gallon reservoir, I'm hoping to build the homemade tig water cooler. I have a NICE 5 gallon detergent container set aside for it.

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