Pulley gears & timing belts

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     where would i get pulley gears and timing belts to fit a bunch of
small stepper motors?  Is there any place that ships a kit of these so
i can figure out what sized pulley and what sized belt i need?

Any other ideas are welcomed.


Re: Pulley gears & timing belts
visualseeplus@yahoo.com wrote:
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Here are a couple websites that have them:


Small Parts has a good selection and a friendlier website.  MSC has
lower prices.  If you order from MSC, ask for the "Big Book".  It is a
goldmine of robot parts.  The Small Parts catalog is pretty good too.
Sometimes I thumb through it looking for nothing in particular, just
to get inspired.

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I don't know of anyplace that sells kits.  But they come in standard
pitch sizes and widths, so as long as the wheel and belt have the
same pitch size and width, you should have no problem.  Another
option is flange or no-flange.  In in doubt, get the flange, it will
help keep the belt from slipping off the wheel.

Some of the wheels are metal (usually aluminum, but sometimes
steel) and some are plastic or fiberglass.  For robotics applications
you probably want fiberglass or plastic.  It will be strong enough, but
will cut down on the weight, and lower the inertia for stopping and
starting.  The heavier metal wheels are better for machines that
run continuously at a constant speed.

What size are your stepper motors?  Is this for driving the wheels,
or some other part?

Re: Pulley gears & timing belts
visualseeplus@yahoo.com wrote:
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Stock Drive Products. http://www.sdp-si.com .

Good stuff. Some times you have to request a price quote but the prices
are actually pretty low. Dollar or two for plastic w/metal insert timing
pulleys, depending on size.

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