Best-ever 2 Meter RC Glider?

- Great Planes SPIRIT
- Great Planes SPIRIT ELITE
- Great Planes FLING 2M
- Graupner AMIGO II
- Carl Goldberg GENTLE LADY
- Global CIRRUS 2M
- Blejzyk FIRST
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Cheers, Miroslav
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Definitely the Mark's Models Wanderer.
Of course, that was the only 2m glider I ever owned, and the only other glider I ever owned was a Wanderer 99 -- but that's beside the point.
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Tim Wescott
I was thinking the Wanderer too before I read your post. Best flying glider I've ever flown, but like you I've only owned a couple - a Sophisticated Lady and a scratch-built Electra using the SL wing, after I broke that ^!#$%^ T-tail off for the umpteenth time. Still have my old Wanderer after 15 years or so.
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