Hello folks! I really don't mean to derail your conversation, but nearly every question leads to either the RCUniverse site, or to the ezone. The ezone

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is the best electric flight forum site on the net BY FAR, while RCU
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does the same for internal combustion powered flying vehicles, including helicopters, airplanes, etc. Both feature great articles, more people meaning faster response, and MANY other great things. I personally recommend the ezone more, but you will only find out if you try. Please don't argue about this, of course there are others with opposite opinions, so lets leave it at that. I'm signed in at both if that changes anything. Posting here is like hiding from the real information, the good stuff. Living here on these forums is like living in a small village with nobody around. Go to ezone or RCU and learn from everybody with everybody, both of those sites are better in every way.

The MOST important question, in my opinion, is what the first plane should be, and if you get a bad plane, you will end up dumping in a lot of money, being dissatisfied, possibly leave the hobby too. The BEST electric trainer plane by far is the GWS Slow Stick, winning hands down no questions asked. Slow, fairly large, cheap, little requirements (for anything - flying space, wind, onboard electronics, etc), practically indestructable, can carry up an extra ~6oz payload depending on the flight equipment used, opening up the opportunity for float-flying, onboard camara for aerial photography, etc. Another great plane to start with is the GWS Tigermoth, also with exceptional qualities. The Mountain Models Dandy (regular, not sport or GT) is wonderful too.

PLEASE check out these links:

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And, for the biggest, BEST guide and help site for the GWS Slow Stick, please please see these two links:
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the continuation:
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Wouldn't you like to have a place to upload your photos with unlimited space, get FREE web hosting, your own domain
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with unlimited everything, including space, bandwidth, a forum feature, web-based email, subdomain, etc? Wouldn't you like a million features more?

-Michael ezoner aeropenguin

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