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Hey, Has anyone heard from Bill Archibald lately? As I look at these posts everyday, it suddenly occurred to me that a name or two has been missing for quite sometime.


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FYI if you may be interested! Posted with permission!

morning Bob,

You can imagine my surprise when I got an email from a local RC'er and RMRCA lurker that I was a subject of a thread started by you, thanks for asking.

I would have replied via the news group, but my new hard drive (MyDoom did a nasty on my previous HD and OS) does not have Agent loaded, so I had to google up your post.

I have stepped aside from RC for an indeterminate time as it appears my work has become my hobby. My national trade organization has "volunteered" me to Chair the Communications Committee, which means I have to throw together a twelve page newsletter every other month. You can imagine the talent they had to draw from if I was picked - well actually that's unfair, those better than I are also smarter and knew how to avoid the short list. So I spend many free hours on the phone coercing folks to write, putting those articles into the King's English, laying the damn thing out, and finally proofing it (our management company takes the path of least work) . . So, I did not rejoin AMA or the Lazy Loopers this year and felt my hollow existence would be not be needed on any RC forum.

But not to worry, this trade organization has just as nasty politics as AMA, even with only 800 members across the country. And our management company is just as frustrating as Muncie, so I really haven't lost any of the extra curriculum fun. I am beginning to think all organizations in which the paying members volunteer to do the dirty work are all the same.

You may repost any of this you wish on RMRCA, I know you would not take anything out of context. I would appreciate my e-address not being posted.

be well,


RBarkus wrote:

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That's our Archie - Newsletter editor and doesn't want his e-address posted. I wonder if the 800 members of his trade organization that get the newsletter are also a denied an easy path to their editor?

Red S.

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Red Scholefield

KING's English? Where the hell is that?

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Paul McIntosh

Now Red, I am sure Bill's other members can email him anytime they choose..... now, I am also sure that Bill would not want some members of this group to email him. Seems fair to me..... It would not surprise me if Bill uses a dedicated Email Addy for his newsletter.... that is what I would do...


Red Scholefield wrote:

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I think it has something to do with maidens or swords or something like that?

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