Chattering throttle servo?

Need opinons about a chattering servo on a new installation. Was fine thru all
of the building & setting up. Now, about to fly new Kyosho Stearman & the
throttle servo is chattering in most positions. Whould you fly it or change it
out? TIA, Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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Hell, fly it...
A constantly changing engine speed will only serve to make the RC experience more exciting.
Even better, put this servo in the aileron or elevator position and have even MORE excitement.
Sarcasm aside, you probably have a bad pot in the servo or maybe a bad connector. FIX the problem. It will NOT get any better in the air.
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Bill Fulmer
First thing to do is to take the arm off the servo and see if the throttle control moves freely from that point. If it does, I would change it out because to my simple mind the servo shows evidence of impending failure. If it were only chattering on one end or the other, I would jsut fix the installation. If the installation is not free moving, fix it.
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I recently had a slight buzz in a throttle servo. It wasn't pushing or pulling, but was pressing straight down on the control horn. A slight upward bend in the pushrod solved the problem. Does the servo chatter with the linkage diconnected?
RCPILOT48 wrote:
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could be just a "dirty" pot. I have cured this by carefully dismantling the servo and cleaning the track and wiper with Isopropyl Alcohol and had no further problems from servos so treated.
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Malcolm Fisher
A buzzing or chattering servo may indicate it isn't following the control stick movement completely. It may also mean the servo position doesn't agree with the feedback pot position. This may be due to linkage binding, too small of a servo to move the control surface against loads, or a dirty feedback pot.
In the first instance, make sure your linkage doesn't bind.
In the second, use a more powerful servo.
In the third, throw the servo away. Servos are too cheap to risk an expensive plane on a makeshift "fix" by cleaning the pot. Most electrical cleansers just move the dirt around, they don't completely remove it.
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