Re: Edge 540/Saito

putting together a SeaGull models Edge 540 and have a
>Saito 1.20 4 stroker that I want to put on it. Was wondering if anybody
>else had tried this combination and what kind of results you got?
Just curious about this plane. What range engines does Seagull recommend for
it? Let us all know how it comes out and how it flies. Good Luck! Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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The upper range for 4 strokes is 1.20 and the upper range for 2 stroke is .91. I have the 1.20 Saito on it now and it doesn't seem to be too heavy so far. I am not completely through building so I can not do a balance yet.
But I will interject this. This is the second SeaGull models plane I have built and I have encountered the same problem with both. All surfaces are preinstalled and pinned right out of the box. The PC-9 I built and this Edge 540 have both had warped elevators. I am not sure how this happens but I find it very odd that two cpmpletely different style planes fromt he same company have the exact same problem??? Any thoughts on this?
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