Custom Built P51D Mustang - Adel

The electric car and boat are just freebies and are getting old now, they
have a couple scratches and bumps on them. The car is a metro rebound 4x4,
the boat is a tronica mega dasher ( I have been told it has a blown
capasitor - so the 2nd motor only spins at about half the speed) It does
come with 2 batteries though.
The Petrol Plane is a Custom Built P51D Mustang that cost me over $2500 to
build. It has a 5 channel Remote Control Set with quick servo's installed,
it has never been flown, it has the plans to build it, spares, a .91 engine
instead of the recomended .61 engine (So it is a bigger engine and can go
alot faster) and has had extra supports placed inside of body since paint
job but i have painted over where it was done - the body is very strong now
because of it, It is also just under 2m wide and 2m long (Not sure what
scale), The whole body is done with fibreglass as well for strength and long
lasting body work.
If you want more details please let me know.
They all have all the parts required to start, run and maintain.
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