Frank Tiano speaks in RC Report Magazine

Excerpt reprinted from Frank Tiano's column (page 33) in the current issue
of RC Report Magazine, with permission.
"On another AMA matter, please be sure you vote this year. In the last
presidential race, less than 15% of the membership voted! If any of us have
any pet projects we think need attention, or if there are any problems you
think need correcting, you can help yourself by voting for the man you think
will do the most to give us the change(s) we're looking for. As for me, I
know I'm a bit controversial, but I do think it's time for a change. I
believe that the man sitting in the president's chair should be a guy who
flies model airplanes, and flies them often! I think he has to be someone
who listens to guys with interests other than his own. I think he needs to
look toward the future, see what we're doing, see if we're doing it safely,
and keep an open mind to change(s) and progress. I think we need a guy who
has a head on his shoulders. With that in mind, after much research and
deliberation, I urge scale modelers to vote for Dave Mathewson as our new
AMA President.
"Here in my own district, I can't think of anyone who will do a better job
for scale modelers and other as District VP than a guy who flies and is
involved in our hobby/sport on a daily basis than Tony Stillman. If you do
the research and find that you've got a better choice to lead us for the
next several years, then by all means go for it! But please, please,
please... be sure and vote."
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