Glitchy Receiver

I have a GWS Pico receiver that is very glitchy. It's installed in a Zagi.
It gets so bad that at points the plane starts to fly off by itself and once
nosed in at full speed.
Is my only solution getting a new receiver? Are there any receivers that are
cheaper than the berg that are considered fairly glitch proof?
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I used a hitec/rcd 555 in my Zagi. It flew fine everwhere and at extreme distance from the transmitter except in an area known (to me) to have problems...near a hospital. I also have a Berg but have not flown it yet. Bill
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Supress my motor? what does that mean? I have a mega brushless. What value cape would you recomend?
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Oh, thought it was a stock brushed zagi.
take it to
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far more expertise than here.
Probably IS interference, but brushless interference is too complex to discuss in this rather sparsely populated group.
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The Natural Philosopher
Don't be so cheap. A Berg is only $20 more than a GWS Pico receiver. Going cheap on a 6 oz slow flyer is one thing. It's downright dangerous to be using one of those things in a brushless zagi. The Berg is far and away the best in class. Just get one and you won't be sorry.
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mike tully
I personally would NOT use a single conversion RX like the GWS in a fast plane that is not kept close.
Heed the other's advice...... get a good double conversion RX and I'll take the bet that your glitches will be gone.
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David AMA40795 / KC5UH
I had the same problem and then put in a Hitec 555 and haven't had a glitch in two years.
John VB
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The Berg 4 is smaller and lighter. The Berg 5 gives you all the utility of a 6-channel Rx for most practical purposes, as the decoder output skips channel 5 and outputs ch 6. Dunno about your application, but I find the flaperon and/or spoileron function much more useful than retracts. Unless you are really in a nitpickin' weight and size crunch, go for the 5.
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Abel Pranger
| Don't be so cheap. A Berg is only $20 more than a GWS Pico receiver. Going | cheap on a 6 oz slow flyer is one thing.
No, even in that case it's a mistake. The GWS 4P is $30, a FMA M5 or Berg is like $50. The GWS can start flaking out if anybody else flies near you. It's just not worth it, even on a park flier.
(And the GWS 4P is still *way* better than the Hitec Feather ...)
| It's downright dangerous to be using one of those things in a | brushless zagi. The Berg is far and away the best in class.
Far and away? No. The FMA M5 seems to be comparable to the Berg-4*DSP, and the FMA FS8 seems to have all the features of the Berg-5 DSPII (and more.) (The Berg-5 DSPII is a good deal smaller, however.)
Berg seems to make fine receivers (I don't own any myself, but I've seen lots of people talking about them.) But the FMA receivers are top notch as well (and I've got lots of the M5s.)
They may very well be the best in the class. But far and away, no.
| Just get one and you won't be sorry.
Almost certainly true.
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Doug McLaren
Are the berg DSP 4's comparable to the berg DSP 5's with regards to performance? I can get a DSP 5 for $12 cheaper than a 4.
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I have both Berg 5 DSP and FMA M5. They both work well for me. A flying aquaintence lost a plane the first cold flying day this fall when the signal was lost. Repeated bench tests showed his receiver became inoperative at low temps. Would be inoperative coming out of the freezer, then recover as it warmed up. FMA service denied this was possible. He sent it in to them for "testing". They sent it back with a note that it tested fine, yet it would still not operate at low temps. During repeated calls they denied it was a problem. They then refused to take further calls from him. He posted his story of a bad receiver and very shabby treatment by FMA on ezone and they called him immediately to tell him a replacement would be on its way. They also admitted they hadn't actually tested low temp operation even though that was the complaint on the repair ticket. As a result of his posting, others freeze tested their M5s. Some found they would not operate at freezing temperatures. I tested mine and found no problem.
Any manufacturer can have a bad product. That can be forgiven. What is unforgivable was the rude and condescending treatment meted out by FMAs "Customer Service". I will not buy any more of their products.
In contrast, Berg has very generous and attentive customer service. Given theoretical equal performance of the Berg and FMA receivers, I would still bestow far and away best status to the Berg based on service.
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mike tully

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