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I'm looking for my first gasser, with the primary constraint being that
it has to fit in the back of my Jeep -- 72 inche max fuse length, give
or take. It goes without saying that it should have a 2-piece wing for
that same reason. After a good deal of reading, I've come up with the
following short list:
Wild Hare 73" Edge 540T
Hangar 9 78" Extra 260
World Models 80" Extra 300s
All of them seem to be in the 12-14 pound range, with lots of guys
recommending a 50cc engine. I wonder, though, if a 30 would be a better
choice (though most of the 30's seem to weigh just about as much as a
DA50, so maybe not). I guess if I go with the 50, I can always pull
back on the left stick (or maybe not push it up as far up in the first
place). Anybody flown one or more of these that has any advice before I
pick one?
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Ken Lowe
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