Hobbico Accu-cyle Elite Charger

sorry to inform you guy's but the Hobbico Accu-cyle Elite Charger i

really a bad quality charger altough it has a great menu and adventage but i bought two and now they are in the trash both are not workin anymore . hobbico used to have great products but now , not anymore. had problems with both charger's from day one . now i switched to th best . sirius for nimh and nicad. and for li-po i am using the ion cub from fromeco. they are both at a great price and pro chargers. sto buying crap and stick to the best. cheer

-- Hady Est

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Sorry to hear. I'm wondering when Hobbico had good products? mk

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"MJKolodziej" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com...

Well, uh - erm - yeah? When did they?

Ed Cregger

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Ed Cregger

And how did they stop working?

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Hady Esta,

Sorry to hear about your trouble with a Accu-Cycle Elite Charger.

Like Chuck says! "And how did they stop working?"

I've had an Accu-Charger for two years and I've NEVER had a problem with it. In fact, I would bet my life it would charge ANY battery pack in the safest manner. The part I like best is the 'cycle' feature where it drains and re-charges my NiCd & NiMH batteries so as not to develop a short memory and shorten the life of the pack. My LiPo batteries NEVER get hot when I charge them with my Accu-Cycle Elite.

Maybe you didn't read OR understand ALL the instructions.

Tower Hobbies (Great Planes & Hobbico) has a GREAT return policy. If it's a small item, call them, they will send a replacement. If it's an expensive item, it must be returned for inspection and exchange. They have ALWAYS come through for me, the very few times I needed.

I suspect a problem with YOU Hady. If the FIRST charger was no good, WHY did you buy another, AND throw them both in the trash? You should have returned the first one IF it WAS defective.

The end result is: Some people can NEVER be satisfied. If you don't know how to use it....Be honest! But don't blame it on the dealer.

Instead of throwing them in the trash, send them to me. I'll pay all the postage if mailed in the USA. You can contact me through my website. Pick 'Contact Us' and send me an email.

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P.S. Don't abuse Tower Hobbies return policy. They keep very good records and would soon 'suspect' a habit.

Have a fun time flying, Earl AMA#40329

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Earl Scherzinger

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