**Jets and Turbines**

Looking for support in the NG for building up a Ring of "Jets and Turbines"
rc model web sites featuring 'Jet aircraft'. This has really led on from a
long search to discover the current manufacterers of the BEA Hawk model
suitable for KJ66/PT75 type and larger turbines. Since Jim Fox gave up and
moved on there was
many dead links, dead ends and false trails on both the major search engines
and also in themany link pages.With the Web Ring all pages are both live
and functioning as both the link code and sites are checked automatically
Any interesting web pages featuring rc "Jets or Turbines" will really be
welcome into this ring.
Regards Paul.
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Refer to Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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The Jet/Turbine links are all current (site is updated several times daily)
Sub section = Jet Engines, Pulse Jets, Turbines and Jetex
Airtoi micro turbine specs database Airtoi, Jet related links AMT Advanced Micro Turbines AMT USA, Aviation Microjet Technology Azznett - turbine fittings BVM Jets Crazy jet engine uses*** Cruise Missile - D.I.Y.*** Gas Turbine Builders Association Homebuilt Jet Engines Home made jet & pulsejet engine Jet Powered Models, Pulse Jets Jetex Engineering -- Microjet Propulsion Lab -- Rocket Science Institute Klub Modelarstwa Lotniczego Model Mechanics SA - Turbines Pulse jet & V1 detail Pulse Jet Engines Pulse Jet power & models Rocket Research Pulse Jet SimJet Micro Turbines Tamjets Turbines, homebuilt FAQ pictures etc Wren Turbines Ltd
and sub section = Jet & Turbine RC Aircraft sites.
Artesjet News - homebuilts JAA - Jet Aerosport Association of Australia Jet Adict Links Jet Links Jet World Masters Tamjets
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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Yours is one of the best on line resources and I've used it regularly. Also used google and the open source to track down sites in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Still with all of this, it did not completely help find all the suppliers making the BEA Hawk worldwide. What I'm hoping to create with web ring is a common link only to sites and pages specifically featuring rc Jets and Turbines.
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I have a number of old in the box kits that I would like to get rid of :- Some old British Keil Kraft kits marked at 3s6d (old currency) Keil Kraft Senator with balsa blank to carve the prop from. Keil Kraft Halo mint in the box A untouched Senior Falcon kit. The label suggests it was one of the earlist batch made before the two Senior Falcon models were flown across the USA Two or three Astral kits, one of a four engined Halifax bomber, rubber powered Astral went out of business in the late 1940's Berkley Shoestring control line kit. In the box. Tinplate spats and cowl blisters that need soldering together. Berkley Mini Hogon 34" mint in the box. There are a couple of Megow kits too believed complete. Megow went out of production 1945-46 I think Plenty more too. I am targeting real collectors really. People that might remember some of these kits. I collect old engines myself and would like to swap old kits for old engines. I live in South Africa Regards Dave Armitage Radio Control Repair Centre, Pretoria, South Africa
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Dave Armitage

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