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Has anyone had any luck with making a model fo a RC bird? I was thinking along the lines of a seagull.

Thanks, Pete.

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Kiwi Pete
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A Seagull?? You'll have to make sure and add a tank to carry a bunch of that white stuff they dump on you all the time at the beach. LOL Eddie Fulmer

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Pete, The Kit for the Slope Soaring Seagull has been around for years from Bird Works.

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Yes Eddie, There is an option to make it into a "Shave Cream" poop bomber.

You can even try before you buy, since the site has a FMS simulator version of their Seagull as a free download.

Bob Ruth AMA 720565

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Yes. They fall into three types.

(i) Silly fun. The 'Funky Chicken' (ii) almost scale outline. The slope soaring gulls and hawks. (iii) Ornithopters. There is a suberb carbon fiber and electric motor contraption out there called a park hawk.

Frankly, I love em all. Hope to even fly some one day.

Along with 'fanasy scale' - you know planes out of 'star wars' etc.

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The Natural Philosopher

Hehehe and more to drop on cars around the area's folks feed them :-(

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RCM has a plan from many years ago. If I recall one was used in the filming of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".

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Pete Christensen

Have a look at

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Under "Airplanes", see "Ornithopters and Specialty" and "Park Flyer/Indoor" Cheers, Fred McClellan The House Of Balsa Dust
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Fred McClellan

refer to the Birdworks =

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see others at
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"Flying Wings (inc Delta), Flapping Wings or Ornithopter. "

Flying wings

Advanced Propulsion Home Page - JLN Labs Airfoil Design for Tailless Airplanes 1 Andy MacDonalds Flying Wing page. Airfoils for Flying Wings and Tailless Airplanes *** Correx Deltas - good plans & video. Flying Wings - Trimming Flying Wing Models - Basic design Foam Wing Construction Mugi Correx Combat Flying Wing Theoretical Flying wings TWITT- The Wing is the Thing Flying Wings : An Anthology Birdworks - inc the RC Gull

Flapping Wings - Ornithopter

Bionics and Evolutiontechnique CyBird (- with movies etc) Flapping Flight Links Flapping Flight - Ornithopters Multiwinglets_Rueckstromtaschen Ornithopters ParkHawk Robofalcon - Intercept technology Truefly - Flying by flapping wings The Flutterby

1900 Clark BiWing Ornithopter

regards Alan T.

Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Links

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Been done. I have flown one and they fly great. go to

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and click on 'ornithopters'

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