I had posted a 'look for' but got mine from Tower when someone who got

2 by mistake returned the extra. I did notice that they bumped the price from $25 to $40 ! ! !

I see the Bonanza kits going for $250 and up on ebay. I lucked out and got mine from the daily sale page for ~ $170 when the list was $220 ( just before they were discontinued - again ) !


I seem to recall a while back that a couple of guys here on the News >Group were searching for the Cockpit Interior Kit for the Top Flite Bonanza. >At that time the interior kit had been discontinued. > > I just received a Tower flyer yesterday that had the interior kit >listed again. > >Cheers -- \__________Lyman Slack_________/ > \______AMA6430 IMAA1564___/ > \____Flying Gators R/C______/ > \__Gainesville FL _________/ > Visit my Web Site at:
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