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OK please answer a newbie. I'm building a World Models Piper Cub

> J3. It is powered with an OS 40 with a Bisson Pitts Muffler. My question > is with the cowl on I won't be able to get to the fuel lines to fuel it > up. > > Now what would be the easiest way to both fuel the tank, plus ensure the > vent to the muffler doesn't fill with fuel and flood the engine?

All the World Models kits I've seen are supplied with a tank that has a third aluminium tube going to the bottom of the tank. You can run this third line to one of those Dubro fuel hole things on the side of the fuse and use it to fill and empty the tank (you sometimes need to tilt the plane forward to get all the fuel out).

As for flooding the muffler, perhaps a t-connection to another fuel hole, but that's not going to guarantee you don't get a bit of fuel in the muffler...


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Simple! Do like I did in my a third line with a clunk in the fuel tank out to a "fuel dot". Fuel and defuel through the fuel dot. Overflow will come out the muffler. Viola. EASY and no messy, leaky fueling valve. I used to use those things and grew to hate them.

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Two clunks in the fuel tank? Why not just a fuel dot in the fuel line?

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Paul McIntosh

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