Re: how do you get rid of old model fuel

I need some advice on getting rid of old model fuel. I have some old
>model airplane fuel and I don't know what to do with it. Is there a
>hazardous waste disposal site to go to in the state of Virginia? Can this
>fuel be safely reused in a weed wacker or a lawn mower? It is a
>nitrous-methane mix from Cox hobbies. Thanks for your help in advance. >
>(please reply to the newsgroup)
Hi Andy,
I see you've cross-posted to a bunch of groups, hope you at least read
this one. I've put old fuel in my chain-saw, and motor bike before
with no ill effects. The nitro-methane burned cleanly, even though the
fuel mileage was not as good. Nothing special has to be done to the
timing unless you run the fuel exclusively. You just won't get as much
power out.
The castor oil, on the otherhand, made a mess at the exhaust.
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If it will still run in an engine (no moisture), leave it at the field with a note. "FREE FUEL". I have given away a 15 year old can of K&B that I thought wise not to use. Except for the smell it seemed to run fine, at least the guy that ran it though so.
You can also mix it in with regular gasoline, maybe a few ounces to a tank full for lawn mowers, garden tractors etc. I use to use it in my old VW, maybe a pint to a tank full of gas. If it did any damage I didn't notice it in 150,000 miles. (OK the engine was rebuilt at 120,000).
Red S.
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