Grass cutting at field

I would like to know how most of the clubs handle the grass cutting. We have
always paid a guy in the club to cut ours. We have a new guy this year and he
is not doing a satisfactory job. Not cut low enough. We have learned a lesson
by this. Always set out some rules before you let the job to anyone. We
thought that he knew how to cut it. Seems like he didn't like the way it was
being cut so he cuts it his own way. 1 1/2 inches for bermuda. It should be
cut at least 3/4 inch to be usuable for any length of time. Please give me your
thoughts on this. Eddie Fulmer AMA 63713
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If he's being paid a price that he agreed on, he should cut it the way the consensus of members (a vote) says he should. If he's doing it for free, he has a right to cut it any way he chooses. 1.5" does seem a little high for smooth, easy take-offs and landings. The problem is: he probably knows what it would cost the club to get it done professionally, and knows he has you guys over a barrel. You're probably paying him lots less. I used to cut the club grass and enjoyed it. Only took a couple of hours. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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