Re: Scale Hamilton Prop

Hamilton electric 3 blade, in

>quarter scale. Also looking for a static spinner, 6 ¼ inches, shaped like a >P40 spinner

Hamilton Standard did not make a electric prop, you are thinking of a Curtiss Electric. But if you are looking for a 3 bladed prop with a spinner, anything should work, as long as the profile is what you are looking for. Matt Gunsch, A&P,IA,Private Pilot Riding member of the Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team GWRRA,NRA,GOA

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Try this site..

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They list different types of props. Also look at ...
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They have props and prop drill bits. Then if all else fails, I have a big spinner and prop, i think it was part of a big P-3(?) Andy

We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!

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Don't know about the prop or your specific scale requirements. I do know that OS spinner nuts look exactly like some Hamilton Standard prop nuts.

Here's a grainy picture, but you will get the idea:

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Bob Adkins

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