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I got a Sanwa VG6000 with my new plane ( my first ) and the throttle is on
the right,yet the book shows it on the left. This is going to get confusing
as my heli is on the left. Do I have a transmitter that was built wrong or
is this normal? I could swap them over but its a rather large job to remove
and resolder al the points etc.Might end up just buying a set of crystals
the same as my heli's transmitter (Hitec) and use that for both aircraft.
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The transmitter has been set up for mode 2 operation. It might be easier than you think to switch it to mode 1. Check with Airtronics (Sanwa). I think all you should have to do is open the back of the transmitter, and move the ratchet bracket fron the right side trim pot to the left side trim pot. Then just plug the throttle servo into the appropriate channel.
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You can email service:
Make it attention to Brian.
Are you sure you're not the one making a mistake? Mode 1 setup, what you have, is European spec. Rather than tamper with the unit and void the warranty, I'd return it.
Mr Akimoto
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Mr Akimoto
I agree with Mr. Akimoto...definitely return the transmitter to Airtronics and ask them to change it over to Mode 2..that is, rudder and throttle on the left and ailerons and elevator on the right....they should be able to do it with no problem and get it right back to you...otherwise if you try to do it yourself, you might just mess it up... Frank Schwartz
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Frank Schwartz
The transmiter had a factory setup. The change of mode can be accessed via an Expert mode setup but it's normally a factory mode. It is not documented for the low end user.
So, back to factory unless you want to go in trouble with your transmitter, ???
Enjoy your flight,
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TX instructions books usually picture mode 1 - predominate in USA whereas units sent to other countries are mainly on mode 1 [throttle on the right = quite usual.]
If you do not have the complete manual, download .pdf direct from
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note the specific warning on page 9 = "WARNING: Any other modifications made to the transmitter other than adjusting stick tension will void any and all warranties covered be Airtronics Inc." Appears your transmitter cannot be changed between mode 1 and mode 2 by user, if at all. Where user permitted changes are described in the instruction manual of any item [and mode changes are described and provided for with Hitec Prism 7X, Optic 6 and Flash 5X, most JR, most Futaba and some of the Airtronics/Sanwa], you do not void the warranty.
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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Here are the way to do it on the RD 8000. I think its the same way on the RD 6000. I got it directly from Sanwa in Japan so there are no problem from them if you do it.
Procedure how to change the Mode 1 to Mode 2. Your RD8000 radio is able to change from the mode 1 to mode 2 what you desire.
In order to change the mode, You must turn your radio into service mode so called "SVC MODE"
DO NOT TRY TO ATTEMPT TO CHANGE ANY OTHER SETTING. You will see fatal error on the screen telling you that you are on trouble. Please only set with following procedure.
Please set your radio as SVC mode as following procedure.
1. SET the left shoulder 3position toggle switch in the middle.
2. right shoulder toggle switch turn towards you.
3. both right and left of the two way switch beside the screen , all must be turn as "O" (at bottom side) 4. Press both F-MODE key and END key simultaneously, thence turn on the main power.
5. Screen should not show any indication, turn the left toggle switch towards you.
6. Screen now shows "SVC"
7. down scroll the mode by pressing arrow bottom.
8. Press the key six (6)times, you will scroll down from SVC,INIT,CH,NEU,TRV,A/D & come to MODE.
9. Now you should be in the "MODE" to change from MODE 1 to MODE 2 by Pressing key to the arrow right. Screen should be displayed with "1! Press Inc(+) key then indication now should be as "2"
10. Press end, Now you should be back in the MODE and completion of the change. Simply turn off the main power. You are now set as MODE 2! .
Best Regards Henrik Menne
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| I got a Sanwa VG6000 with my new plane ( my first ) and the throttle is on | the right,yet the book shows it on the left.
Lots of people have mentioned mode 1 vs. mode 2, and this may very well be the right answer, but I've got another question, which may be too basic, and if it is, forgive me ...
How exactly is thre throttle on the right? What defines the throttle?
I see two possible answers :
1) when I move the right stick up and down, the throttle moves. 2) the left stick has a spring on it for up and down, and the right one does not.
#1 indicates that you've put the plugs into the wrong slots on the receiver.
#2 indicates that your transmitter is set up for mode 1 or mode 3 (rare), which is what everybody else has been talking about.
#1 isn't very likely if you're familiar with R/C and you set up the plane yourself, but I mention it for the sake of completeness.
| I could swap them over but its a rather large job to remove and | resolder al the points etc.
I'm not familiar with that specific model of transmitter, but usually it's easier than that, as the spring can often be moved by itself.
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Doug McLaren

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