Somethin extra control throws

I have inherited a Sig Somethin extra and need the recommended control
throws and cg. I checked sig's site but they weren't listed. Also did a
search on google with no luck.
John VB
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Rates as per my copy of the manual:
Low Rate High Rate
Elevator: 1-1/4" up - 1-1/4" down 2" Up - 2" Down Ailerons: 1" up - 1" down 2" Up - 2" Down Rudder: 1-7/8"L - 1-78"R 2-1/4"L - 2-1/4"R
cg on the spar.
Texas Pete AMA 59376
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Pete Kerezman
Recommend going less than this if this type of plane is new to you.
Plus, add some expo - especially in the ailerons.
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If you put everything on low-rates (or even lower) is it an appropriate plane for transition from a high wing semi-symmetrical wing plane?
I'm sure I will be able to handle it okay once up in the air but unsure about what landing's like.
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Eric Wong
Eric the S.E. will land slower than your High wing plane did once you get used to it. The S.E. is a very touchy plane on the controls at first so set the throws a bit lower on low rates than has been stated until you get used to the plane and you should be fine. Once you get used to it you will love flying the S.E., good luck and have fun.
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Bob B
Well said. I'm no pilot guru, but I've flown various types of planes (Morris Knife, GP 60 Cub, Aresti, Avistar, Sig 4*60, SE) and the Sig SE is the most touchy by far. The low rates aren't too bad if you add some expo to keep them manageable at the centers. I was simply amazed how sensitive the ailerons were even on low rates.
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