SWAC - Had a really good time

The SWAC, in Arlington TX, was a lot of fun today.

To Dr.Sandy Frank: you set up a really good show. Thanks.

The indoor electric demonstration was very cool. I'll probably never fly electrics, but they did all kinds of tricks.

The Tru-Turn guy made my brother and I a super deal on spinners and adaptors; about half price. My brother picked up a flight pack from Hitec for $20 less than ServoCity price, some servo extensions, CA, and a few other odds and ends.

I bought a timer and a couple of integrated switch/charge receptacle assemblies from Cermark. These look really nice; I wish I'd bought a couple more "just in case".

My brother also found a nice Astro Hog in the swap meet. When we were carrying it to the truck, we bumped into Horrace Cain. He teased us about getting in early and grabbing up the deals. We didn't stop and talk, but it was still nice to put a face to the name.

Horrace, we were the ones carrying the orange plane with blue trim.

The show runs Saturday from 9 to 7. Parking is $5 with in/out privileges. Admission to the show is $5 per person. I thought it was well worth it.

------- Carrell

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Neato Carrell:

Looked like a good machine to take home. Seems like you helped the vendors at the show a bit. I spent far above my budget, Mama's away this weekend, so I can hide a bunch before she gets home. HA!

Yes, it was a great show, even though the vendors were in short supply as compared to the last show. IMO so were the visitors, however it certainly was a great 2 days for me. Lots of old friends for BSing and lots of new ones for future shows. Those indoor electrics are totally awesome. I had a BALL!

Once again Sandy and Crew did one bunch of that nasty four-letter word WORK. Good job it was. Just wish the modelers would have been there in real force.

BTW, I attended 2 briefings by Carl Maroney and crew. Insurance and Safety. Carl Maroney gave about the most professional, informative and interesting presentation on Insurance and AMA that I have ever seen from an AMA Staffer. Outstanding job.

The Safety presentation was more of a round-table discussion but very good. A number of ideas were presented that Carl and Larry were noting down for further reference. Can you believe it? Sandy presented a very good idea concerning presenting information to members and I had to agree with him. Is the sky falling or what? (;-))<

Carrell, thanks again for the high-light.


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Now I'm sorry I missed it. mk

BTW, Horrace, someone unusually complimentary has gained access to your computer.

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Heavens! My firewall looks like a pinball machine every time I'm over on RCXX. Maybe someone broke through.

Thanks for the warning. Will check it out.



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Also had a great time at the SWAC. I was out of town the first two SWACs.

For anyone that was there, do you remember the name of the company selling the little twin engine electric foam delta wing planes? Seems it was "sky"-somthing. During their demos, I was really impressed with their performance. Also impressed with the WildRC IFO. It is on my Christmas list!


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