UFCW tactic backfires

The UFCW pulled pickets from Ralphs in order to attempt a divide and conquer
technique against the other two grocers involved in the SoCal strike, Vons
and Albertsons. They expected traffic to surge at Ralphs and remain pretty
low at the other two. They were right. However, The 3 chains have vowed to
not let this tactic affect them one iota, and so far they haven't. One side
effect the union hadn't expected...the huge surge in traffic at Ralphs went
smoothly and expertly without any hitches. The non union replacements did
very well indeed, showing that the union lackeys bring nothing special to
their jobs with their bogus union label and high demands. The union will be
broken, or forced to accept some very serious concessions in this strike, I
predict. They will have egg on their faces.
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Man, this could really put a dent in my plans because I was going to stop by Ralph's and buy a Razzle 3D and hang my OS 91 on it. I already tried to find the Razzle at Albertsons and they didn't have it in stock either. Hell, Albertsons didn't even have the glo-fuel in stock that I normally use.
Dang, these strikes really screw things up.
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Though completely irrelevant to rc, I worked at a Supermarket for 4 years during high scool & college. Met my wife there. (she worked in the deli) Non-union scabs can sleep in the store room every bit as well as i did. Now that im an older and wiser professional in the construction industry, i can see the duality of the situation. Construction Teamsters make like $37 an hour and sleep in their rig most of the day. An Iron Worker makes approximately the same, but busts his ass 500 feet above Times Square. My brother in law makes $18 (IIRC) an hour as a teamster for Coca Cola CARRYING vending machines. Union VS management is a check&balance situation. Nobody will will, but they will both fight to the death for what they dont deserve.
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