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Hi All
I'm looking for ideas for my next plane and would be interested in any
suggestions, comments and discussion around the following requirements:
ARTF - I don't want to spend a long time building or covering, I want
to be flying!
It must be hand launch'able and withstand a rough grass landing - the
field we fly from is very bumpy and not mown.
Good performance on a 40 -> 52 2 stroke, fit in the back of a car
pretty easily.
Capable of knife edge, basic 3d etc - I m sort of looking for a 'Big
Shocky that will cope with the wind'.
Avaliable preferably in the UK and at a reasonable price, certainly
less than 100 UKP, preferably near the 50 UKP mark!
My experience - been flying for 2 years, enjoying various SPAD's
(Debut, Gant, QHOR, Dingbat etc) and love the Shocky but not the fact
that it needs zero wind! Looking for something to learn 3d on so must
be repairable and not shatter to 1000 pieces if I do crash it. :)
Thanks in advance
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Kev W
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Hi Kev, Check out our SLICKs at
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These are stronger and quicker-building than a shocky, and take a fair amount of wind. They also hold up to much more "abuse" without damage. Something really "slick" about them is their power... direct-drive brushless CD-ROM motors swinging 9" - 10" props on only 2S lipolys, providing half-throttle hover with strong full-throttle pull-out. Flying weight is 5 ounces.
Randy Model Airplane Engineering
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R.J. Roman
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Check out the first vid down the page for some mad 3D action.
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Hi Randy
Thanks but not quite enough of an upgrade from the Shocky I'm afraid, I'm looking for something that I can still fly in at least 15mph winds and that means it has to be bigger and more powerfull...
Thaks Kev
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Kev W
Hi Poxy
Now that looks like the sort of thing I'm looking for, maybe just a little smaller, a little cheaper and very rugged for belly landings on rough grass etc?
Cheers Kev
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Kev W
Yeah, I kind of missed the under 100 quid bit - I just read the 40-52 3D machine part. I have one with a Magnum 52 and while I take off from a strip, I'm sure it would hand launch no poblems - it'll both crank and hover with an 11x7. I don't know what they go for over there, bu if you feel like stretching your budget it's a very nice aircraft.
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