Autocad 2004 system requirements

Dear Group,
Will Autocad 2004 run on a Pentium II Zeon dual processor 450mHz machine? I
see that the system requirements on the Autodesk web site says 800mHz
Pentium III, but does this mean I will just experience reduced performance
or that it won't run at all?
Thanks much,
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Michael Meric
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It will run on a 166. It will run faster on a faster machine. Just don't cheap out on the opperating system. Win 200 or XP are what to use. Win 98 will seriously disapoint you.
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I'm running it on a AMD duron 475 laptop with 128mb RAM in demo mode. Demo is the same as full version but it quits after 30 days. With 128mb, the status command says there is 50 some mb free of physical memory. If I open a 15 meg file, it is nearly all gone. I'd have at least 256 mb or 1 gig+ if you open large models.
Service pack 1a is out. Be sure to patch it. bg
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