AutoCAD 2007 student version

I have an uninstalled 2007 student version. I cannot use it for profit as
it has a "banner" that cannot be removed. It is only the student version
that contains this problem. It is the full blown version, not a scaled down
version. I want to recover some of the money I spent for it. I was
wondering if it would be legal to sell it on Craig's List? Any comments
from anyone?
Many thanks in advance.
S. Smith
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S. Smith
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autocad has forms and a system in place for transfering the ownership of their products from one person to another
The forms can be found online or calling support works
hope this helps
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It was never registered, so whomever buys it from me can register it on their own. I am only asking $250 for it. The purchase price was $379.99 plus tax. I would prefer to sell it to someone in the Plano/Richardson/Allen areas. Thanks, S.Smith
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S. Smith

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