I need to make a date stamp block. I dont want to use the date stamp in
autocad I want a block that will update the date whenever I open the
dwg. I want it to read "2005 July 5th" and and change by month and day.
Is this possible?
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You will have to modify this for your needs if you know Visual Basics.
Sub Example_AddText()
Dim textObj As AcadText Dim textString As String Dim insertionPoint(0 To 2) As Double Dim height As Double
' Define the text object textString = Date insertionPoint(0) = 8.7208: insertionPoint(1) = 0.4937: insertionPoint(2) = 0 height = 0.056
' Create the text object in paper space Set textObj = ThisDrawing.PaperSpace.AddText(textString, insertionPoint, height) End Sub
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Nope sure dont know VB ... any other ideas? I guess I can try and figure it out wrote:
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If you are using the current or previous version of AutoCAD, just use a FIELD.
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Care to be a little more decriptive?
l94 wrote:
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AutoCAD 2005/6 includes a new FIELD entity. See:
formatting link
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R.K. McSwain
you may be able to use Rtex See belo
$(edtime, 0,DD MON","YY-HH:MMam/pm
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