Group Change Blocks on a drawing

I'm running Arch Desktop 2006. I want to show new and existing data
outlets so electricians will know what to add to the construction plan.
I want to show the standard "triangle" symbol for existing data
outlets and a "filled in with hatch" triangle for new data outlets.
I'll indicate these symbols in my legend on the drawing. Both
symbols can be blocks if needed.
When the electrician's job is done, I'd like to quickly convert all
the "new" data outlets to "existing" data outlets, rather than
going back thru the whole drawing and changing each "new" one to
"existing" ones individually. I thought of putting each (new
outlets and old outlets ) on different layers (say telecom and new
telecom) then trying to quick select the new telecom layer, then mass
convert them?
I also thought I might stack a "new" data outlet block on top of an
"existing" outlet block then the whole "assembly" could be easily
moved together, then at the end of the job, just shut off the new
telecom layer with the hatch on it, thus revealing the hidden existing
layer below. The problem here is that when a cad user clicks on these,
it shows the block has a different name that the other existing telecom
Stumped on this one! How do others handle this task?
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Try this: Quick select all blocks named , go to properties and change block name to , update block definitions.
Ted wrote:
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Sorry, previous answer doesn't work on blocks, but this does. Insert a block located elsewhere but with same name as "new" special block and with contents = correct "existing" block with correct placement and alignment, then it will ask you if you want to redefine the old special block to match the new one with the same name, and say yes, then quick select all the blocks named that way and explode them. There will no longer be any blocks in your drawing with the "new" name and there will now be in their place "existing" blocks that look right and respond correctly when clicked upon.
JG wrote:
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When you create you blocks have them on by-block instead of by-layer for layer. then insert the blocks to your drawing on new telecom layer. After the job is complete in the field and you wish to change them to existing telecom layer isolate the new telecom layer, select all visible items and convert to the existing layer in one move. Chuck
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