Loose profile after closing ACAD 2007

I set-up extra dropdown menus and as soon as I close ACAD and re-open the
default ACAD settings are applied and all my extra dropdowns etc have to be
They are not even available under my profile that was created after the
dropdowns were added. If I select my profile and click on "Set Current" the
ACAD default still appears.
I have heard there is a DLL file that may fix this problem.
Also the user does have admin rights (I have heard that can course issues as
well if they don't have admin rights).
Also SP1 has been loaded.
Any ideas
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I'm going to assume that you used the CUI interface (command "CUI") to customize AutoCAD. If that is the case then you didn't create a custom "Workspace". The program is defaulting back to the default workspace. Using the workspace command create a new workspace, save it, and set it to be the current workspace. Then open the CUI interface, pick your custom workspace and customize it to have the items you want.
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Thanks, I will give that a try. PeterH
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