Profile Settings - Acad 2008

Last year I upgraded to 2008...
I've 3 Profiles... one for my own work, 2 for other companies that I
work with regularly with.
A while back I set my PEDITACCEPT to Zero to get rid of the 'Y' prompt
for changing a line into a Poly line...
When I go from my Own profile to any of the other 2 Profiles, the
PEDITACCEPT is set to Zero (as it should be)... However, I still get
the 'Y' prompt when running the PEDIT command. And this is driving me nutz.
Anyone know why this is so? And where (or what) I can change to make
all my profiles the same?
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PEDITACCEPT =3D 1 =3D No Y prompt!
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Head SMACK! Duh! Thanks!
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