Plot Stamp "Login Name" Field

I am having a problem. First, I have multiple versions of LT (2006,
2007, 2008). On all the 2006 machines, selecting the "Login Name" field
now plots the windows login name of the user on the machine. Previously,
it would plot the "User Name" listed in CONFIG > SYSTEM. The .pss file
for my plot stamp was originally created with LT 2006. At the turn of
2009, I changed the plotstamp.pss with LT 2007 and copied it over all of
the other versions on my other machines. This is when the problem
started. Now for some strange reason, even if I delete the .pss file on
the 2006 machines and then recreate it (with LT 2006), it still uses
windows login name instead of the ACAD user name. All the 2007 and 2008
machines seem to be fine.
Any help or direction would be great.
Thank you,
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