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I have the 'educational' version of AC LT 2008. On all plots it places a border saying "produced by an Autodesk educational product".

Does anyone know of a way to turn this feature off?

I am not doing 'commercial' work, nor am I a student. I do woodworking as a hobby and like to draw what I am going to make. Anything made is for family, friends or myself. Nothing is sold as I consider myself fully retired. AC was given to me by a grandson who is a student and was doing me a favor.

I just find that the plot stamp overwrites some of my drawing and would like to be rid of it.

Thanks for any and all help.

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I have the same version Acad 2007. I did not know about the plot stamp. It said nothing about it on the box. When I opened up the box and installed it, the poop sheet inside with the discs explained the plot stamp. I cannot use it as I do work for profit. There is NO WAY to remove it without damaging the program or your computer. There have been lawsuits regarding architectural firms getting these files. I wasted $400 on this. I don't know what the stamp looks like as I never totally installed the program. I deleted it and I am using another version of acad. When I first encountered this, one web site mentioned someone may sue Auto Desk for installing a virus in the program. I have never heard any more about it. I am glad you did not spend any money for the program. S.S.

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S. Smith

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