Projecting 3D wireframe to current UCS

There's an old PROJECT.LSP (up to r12). I currently use AutoCAD 2002. Is
there a new routine for Acad 2002? The Flatten command doens't project
entities. It just changes all Z coords to zero.
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Scott Brown
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Project.LSP says it's for version 10 & 11. It still works as intended in newer versions of Autocad. Shoot me an email if you can't find your old copy.
Flatten will work also, but you have to be aware of the UCS so that the Z is indeed the direction you want it "projected" onto. It's no big deal to block and copy, then flatten the block. Admittedly it's more of a deal than using the lisp.
A third variation is to plot to DXB files, then insert (and scale!) the resulting DXBs. This also works with 3D hiddenlines, which the other methods don't do.
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Jim Patrick

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