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>We primarily run AutoCAD 2002 Mechanical Power Pack on
>machines running Windows 2000 SP4. We have drawings
>saved over the years in many different releases of
>AutoCAD (though, mostly R12+ in formats).
>We are having some problems with a few of our drawings.
>They are about twice the size that they should be in
>.dwg format. They are about 20x the size that they
>should be when we convert them to .dxf format (which
>we HAVE to do because of our CNC Laser software).
I can't help you with your problem, but you should realize that many
news servers strip attachments from postings to groups that are not
"binary". Other servers will reject the message entirely. So a lot
of people who might help you cannot.
Other people read newsgroups by email, and if those people are
unfortunate enough to download messages as they arrive, then you've
inconvenienced people who might not be able to help you.
You probably should repost this message, but leave out the attachment.
Instead, make it available on a web site somewhere and include a link
to that location in your posting.
There's another group, comp.cad.autocad, that might also be helpful.
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Steven M (remove cola to reply)
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I ran the file through CDGPurge and the file size was reduced to 78 KB.
I think the size is due to all the named layer filters, or possibly the proxy objects.
formatting link
For minimal dxf file, try exporting with dxfout to a R12 dxf file. I got a 97 KB dxf file.
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I will download and try this CDGPurge utility.
Thank you, Rodney
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