symbol libraries?

Has anyone out there got a good collection of symbol libraries, or links to
downloadable symbol libraries that they would like to share? i work with
steel, so symbols i am looking for are mainly welding symbols, or basic
drawings of materials like beams, columns, rail road rail, flanges etc etc.
Whenever i have to do a job and need to draw in the materials i try to keep
hold of them in my own library, but i have to admit i probably dont get them
drawn as well as they could be, especially if the whole job needs to be done
in a hurry. any other useful symbols for construction or buildings would be
welcome also!
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Shaun Van Poecke
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For basic steel shapes I use Al Rogers Steel Mill, Tip 1779 from
formatting link
get the code section.
For weld symbols I use Tip1735a: WELD.LSP Automated weld symbols from Chris Crain, same source.
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Chip Harper
Relative to drawing beams/cols./etc. I moved to a 3D pgm called Sketchup. (free d/l from Google) I purchased a $10.00 package add in named ? cadalog beam tool, I believe. These two packages will generate Structural steel components in record time. The 10$ add in gives you a pull down menu with a visual as well. You can then export them to Acad as dwg./dwf. files. R12,13,14, 2000,2004 There's several versions/formats to export to. I can send an example if you want.
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Dan Deckert
Correction; the $10.00 d/l is named
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Dan Deckert

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