Text, Leader Lines, & Annotations Disappear when Rendering

Hi everyone,
I am trying to Render a 3D solid model file in AutoCAD. I want to
render the solid model to a file, and then paste it in a Microsoft Word
, .Doc file, or whatever format may be best.
Whenever I render the file, all of my text, leader lines, and general
annotations dissapear. I have a spring made as a spline coil and it
dissapears too. I can create the spring as a solid model, and it will
show up fine when rendering. However, what can I do with the text and
leader lines so that they show up when rendering ? Can I make the text
and leader lines behave as solids so they show up when rendering ?
I'm doing this in AutoCAD 14 but I also have access to version 2002.
I also noticed that it's hard to export a shaded file as a bitmap or a
file that can be inserted into a word processor. You can export the
view "hidden" but I could not do it shaded. Is there anyway to export a
shaded file and insert it into a word processor ?
Thanks for your help.
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Have you looked into the RENDER command?
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Michael Bulatovich
John: Of course I am using the render command, but I did not see anything under the render command that would help the text show up. The solid model renders fine, the only problem is the text and leaders don't show up in the render. I tried playing with some adjustments under the render command but nothing helped.
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Give your text a small thickness
HTH Juergen
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Jürgen Palme
SHADE and RENDER are not the same thing, I was just checking since you used both terms. The reason for asking is that the 'export' potential is different for the two, IINM.
In the Render dialogue there is a Destination section, in it pick "file" from the pull down. That'll give you a tif that you should be able to use.
The text problem is not so easy. Depending on what you want to do you could use Jurgen's idea, or if polished graphic quality is important, you can manipulate the image in a bitmap editor after the fact.
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Michael Bulatovich

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